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CAP Reform Basic Payment Scheme 2015

So after much publicity over a failing Rural Payments Agency (RPA) website to handle Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) applications online for 2015 the Government have been forced into a U-turn as the site continues to struggle with functionality and access issues.

As of 23rd March 2015 paper forms became available in order that those applying for BPS this year were able to achieve this because of considerable website issues. The application deadline has also been extended, it was revealed by Liz Truss MP, by one month to 15th June 2015 to compensate for the issues and changes to the original electronic only applications process.

This is sure to help those struggling to comprehend the new system and rules for 2015 and also those in more rural locations where computer and internet issues continue to be a problem despite widespread investment into rural broadband provision in recent years.

Still struggling with the application process, multiple crop rules, EFA's and greening for BPS 2015? Contact S.L AgriConsultancy and we can help you through to achieve compliance and make the process smoother for you.

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